First House Mortgage Documents: Income and Family Status

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Let’s find out what are the documents for a first home loan , the loan that allows you to buy the first property of a new family or any citizen. Access to a mortgage is granted to both individuals and families, but the distinction between the two situations, as we shall see, is very important, because different documents are required. The loan for the first home can usually cover up to 80% of the value of the property and benefits from numerous tax breaks.

This loan can be repaid over several years

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Depending on the contractual conditions accepted at the time of its disbursement, and can include a fixed interest rate or variable rate. 

Whatever the conditions stipulated with the bank or financial institution that provides the loan, regarding duration, installments and interest rate, the documents to be presented are always the same. In general, the documentation serves to certify the personal, family and income situation of the applicant, so that the bank can get an idea of ​​the level of risk it will incur by disbursing the loan.

Certainly, the most important information concerns the financial status of those accessing the mortgage

home loan

To certify the situation, it is first necessary to present the last CUD model , in order to give an idea of ​​the remuneration received. If the applicant is a self-employed worker, he must also present the professional register or registration with the Chamber of Commerce system. However, these documents are not enough: everyone must deliver at least the last two tax returns , in addition to the last current account statement. This documentation serves to certify the overall income situation of the applicant, which could not be described solely by the CUD.

As mentioned earlier, the family situation is also important. Among the necessary documents, the contextual certification appears, which gives a lot of personal information, including the family status . The marriage certificate must be presented, in the case of a married couple, or the separation certificate or the divorce sentence, in the case of legally separated couples. Finally, copies of identity documents and the tax code are obviously needed.

Finally, among the documents for the first home loan, those relating to the property for which the loan is requested must be remembered: the purchase proposal and, above all, the deed , ie the deed drawn up by a notary who certifies the sale of the house. Only in the case of new buildings, the building permit is also required.

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