Easy Personal Payday Loan: Rates and Conditions


The Easy payday loan of Cleopar consists of a personal loan that can be requested by all the people who live in Italy, provided they are at least 18 years old at the time of the request and a maximum of 70 at the time of the conclusion and therefore of the return. See for a write-up

Furthermore, the Cleopar Easy payday loan is only granted, of course, if there are economic conditions that can guarantee reliability.

This is a good loan that is granted by the company of the Meditabank banking group, and which allows a maximum of 30 thousand euros to be obtained, even to cover total needs.

There are several types of Cleopar Easy payday loan.

There are several types of Compass Easy Loan .


  • Easy Classic : is the basic version of the loan. It does not have flexibility options and therefore does not allow changes, the installment remains firm and fixed for the entire course of the loan.
  • Easy Classic Change. Easy version of Cleopar that allows the customer to change the installment, reducing it, up to five times during the contract, increasing its duration. It is therefore the type of Easy Cleopar loan perfect for those who are afraid of facing changes in repayment capacity.
  • Easy Jump. It consists of a type of Easy Cleopar loan that allows you to skip the installment at most 5 times during the contract. It is therefore a very flexible loan ideal for those who think they can face financial difficulties during the loan.
  • Easy Flex. This is a type of Easy Cleopar loan that allows you to skip or change the installment, so a mix between the two types of loans previously seen. There are no additional costs to skip or reduce the installment.

What should I submit to apply for Easy Cleopar funding?

First of all, you need to present valid identity documents, a tax code, a pay slip for employees and a tax return for self-employed workers, while in the case of pensioners, the pension slip is presented. Easy of Cleopar can also be requested by foreign citizens who are in possession of a valid residence permit and have been in Italy for at least one year.

In addition, other documents may be requested at the discretion of the Bank during the preliminary investigation phase.

The evaluation of the Cleopar Easy payday loan depends on the complexity of the specific case. Once paid, the reimbursement occurs automatically from the current account or through the SisalPay or Lis Paga outlets of Lottomatica.

However, there is the possibility of integrating the Easy Cleopar loan with insurance formulas that guarantee greater credit repayment.